About Socially Distant

Update June 2020: Messaging and calling has been put on hold.

Socially Distant is an anonymous telephone-based storytelling project created by the same team who created SecretTelephone.com.

We created Socially Distant in the early weeks of the COVID-19 pandemic as a place for people to anonymously share reflections on social distancing, isolation, and the sense of loss many of us felt due directly to the pandemic or the measures taken to abate it.

The model is simple. Call or text the phone number (see update above about our hiatus) and leave a message reflecting on your own experience. Where are you? What is going on around you? How do you feel? Socially Distant is a place to share from our authentic selves—without profiles, likes, follows or imaginary internet points.

We look forward to bringing Socially Distant back online in late 2021 under a new and more sustainable model. We are grateful for those who shared their experiences with us during this unprecedented and historic moment.

The Socially Distant Team:

– Dean Haddock
– Matthew Chavez
– Thomas Reintjes