Call No. 1002

Hi, I’m calling from Jersey City, New Jersey. One thing that has been really weird lately is, I’m not a doctor, but my husband is, and he’s about to finish his ICU fellowship training.

So this sort of came at a really interesting time. And when he’s not doing critical care shifts at the hospital, he’s been on all these conference calls with his co-fellows and his department, and I’ve had to go into the other room because it just feels so close to have all of the details about how many people are in the ICU and how many vents they have and how many nurses they have. And there’s just so many details that are hard to hear constantly.

But one thing that has given me hope is that every now and then I hear them all laughing. And it’s not about the situation of course, but they just find a way to make each other laugh and smile. And it just seems like the right people are in that profession, because they feel so motivated to keep going and go to work. And despite all of the numbers of the facts and the shortages they don’t feel at all dissuaded from doing what they need to do. So, that part makes me feel really grateful.

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