Call No. 382

Friday, April 10, 2020 at 2:59:08 PM EDT

Hi, I’m calling from Texas, and I would say that over the last three weeks, I have been super grateful for everything that I have. I have a house that I like to be in, a husband that I like to spend my time with. And I’m thankful that I have more time with him right now. And I’m also grateful that my job allows me to work from home and continue working.

So, really the dominant feeling for me is that gratefulness, right? And, I also try to live more consciously. So, investing some time that I save on my commute to reflect on what I want to do and how thankful I have to be that I am really in a spot that allows me to have this time to myself to have me time. And I think having me time and being able to work on oneself is a luxury during this time.

And it shows that there is really an immense class divide here in the States. And there is definitely something too, that this time brings up even more prominently, that there is definitely a class system here. And that pandemic shows that. So, when it comes to how my life has changed or the last week . For me, it really has not changed that much, I would say. I mean, of course I cannot go outside. I cannot meet my friends. I cannot go to the office.

I miss like hanging out with my colleagues and my friends. But, I can spend time at home, at a place that I enjoy. And a husband and a dog that I like to spend time with, right? So, so far, like, over the last three weeks, I haven’t experienced too much negative feelings for my personal, experience.

I get up in the morning, I do some meditation or I do some yoga. I read a chapter of a book, and then I get to work. I work however long is necessary. I will move from the office to the living room to the garden. So, really enjoying that. And then in the evening, I have dinner with my husband and then watch a movie together, reflect on the day and go to bed, which I think is something that I’m very well aware, I’m very fortunate to have a day like this and not be struggling for survival.