Call No. 487

Saturday, April 11, 2020 at 1:38:19 PM EDT

Hey, how’s it going? I’m in, I know we’re not supposed to mention names, but I’m in Dallas right now, and just enjoying an odd day, feels like a summer day, almost. A little bit of rain. The weather is nice.

I was reading, again, I know we’re not supposed to say any names, but I was reading a Calvin and Hobbes comic earlier with my son. He’s four. And, I don’t know, it’s funny. There was one comic in particular that could have happened in the middle of Covid and you’d never know.

You know, it’s just like, it feels like something’s just taken away from us, but then, when you look at something, that shows what we still have in front of us that we can still do, it’s kind of refreshing.

In the comic, Calvin and Hobbes wake up. They eat breakfast and they read comics. Then they go outside and they play with their little pellet guns. They take pictures of each other, making funny faces. Then they dig in the backyard for dinosaurs, and then they [unintelligible] a little pool, they pick up rocks and look for bugs. They play Calvin ball and they look at clouds and they tussle in the backyard and they throw a water balloon over the fence at Suzy. They climb a tree, they make a drink stand. They run away from a snake. They look at the moon. And they collect fireflies. And they go to bed and they’re just bummed that the day was so short.

I don’t know, this is nice. It’s like going through these things and it’s, I can still do all that with my son, you know. Most of this stuff I could do in my backyard. When you think about, I dunno, there’s such fear around our worlds being shrunk down to our home and our backyard because the quarantine, but it’s refreshing to kind of look at the point of view of a kid and how huge of a world that can be when you’re a kid. That you know, the backyard is an entire universe.

That’s refreshing. They’re super stoked about going outside and playing but it started to rain. So now I’m watching Batman. Sorry for mentioning that name. Bye.