Message No. 1482

Thursday, May 7, 2020 at 11:11:49 PM EDT

I’m typing from fairfield county in Connecticut. We are close to Manhattan and my husband actually works there. Luckily, none of us got infection of this Covid. More luckily, I have all my loved ones with me during this “staying at home” period. My parents, My husband and my kids. Cannot complaint. Especially today, my 8-month daughter called “mama” “baba” clearly which made me almost tear up.

We are lucky, my husband and i both can work from home. We have a small house that allows each one at home to have space and be able to work. When i see people go to the street and refuse this “stay at home” order, i actually start to understand them. It’s not easy for many people and social distancing itself is luxury. But i still think if it’s not threatening your life, better to consider more for vulnerable people and health care workers. Many many people are not ready to die, like you and your organization.

Finally, it’s been a very struggle period for me since the beginning of 2020, even without Covid. I’ve planned to change a role in my current company for a while and I’m so close to several positions. But now, all of them are frozen, which is a reasonable business decision. However, I’ve got an offer from external, not good for money but the role and contents are attractive. I don’t like what I’m doing right now and i don’t want to waste few months to see if the internal opportunity could open again. So, you see, my heart tells me to take this external opportunity. If So, the family has to relocate to a different side of Manhattan. We might need to live in an apartment for so


Call No. 1446

Wednesday, April 22, 2020 at 7:28:10 PM EDT

Hi. I’m in beautiful nature in upstate New York. Lucky to have a house here, surrounded by trees. The sun is shining and the trees have their red buds out. It all looks golden.

Yesterday I volunteered and I packaged and delivered food to people who aren’t as lucky as I am. And, yeah, every, package that I arranged, went to somebody who was waiting for it and who was possibly hungry. Somebody who was already struggling, possibly even before Covid came, and waiting for this meal to arrive to fill a hungry belly.

And, in my next part of the shift, I actually delivered some of the meals to the people who were waiting for them. And, it broke my heart to see how many people were, like, living in really poor, broken down conditions and accepting this important thing. And that just reminded me that people are in very different situations in this America that we live in. And we, the ones who are luckier or the ones who’ve ended up in a better spot, need to make sure that nobody gets left behind.

And this is a time for us to help one another and be there for one another. And come together. And, also a time to reflect on how we are living our lives. And maybe this is an amazing opportunity for us to return to life better. Yeah.


Call No. 337

Friday, April 10, 2020 at 3:00:34 PM EDT

Hello. I’m calling from Dallas, Texas. I am socially isolating with my wife and my dog in my house. A majority of my days are spent working, in isolation in my house and an office. The general feeling I feel is, like, a lack of presence.

Considering I have no sort of context for what’s going on with everyone else and what’s going on with this sort of invisible force out in the world, I find it hard to actually think about the present and where I am and what’s going on. And I find my brain slipping into the future sort of world that at this point is easier for me to imagine. I guess because in my dreams, it more closely resembles what I view as a reality.

And I find myself in the present sort of thinking about what the stories are about Covid and about isolation. And what I will tell people in 30 years: Oh, I was there, you know, this is what happened. What are we laughing about? What are we joking about? What are the things that I’m not even recognizing become common place, that will feel so weird in, you know, a few weeks or months.

So, that’s really my thoughts and my experience.