Call No. 360

Friday, April 10, 2020 at 2:59:23 PM EDT

I live right outside of Houston in a small little town and go to work in Houston every day. And just recently with the Covid issues going on, I’ve been going to work in the office every other day. And I’ve noticed a lot of things have changed.

The traffic is not the same as the usual Houston traffic. So, that’s a plus. Going in and trying to find a parking place in my office is very easy, because we do have a parking garage with no assigned parking. So, that’s become easy. But I reflect back on the easy part of this, and it really is complicated by the hard part of this, and that is the social distance. I come to the office, have a whole entire fifth floor, all to myself. It’s very lonely here.

I’m used to a lot of laughter and camaraderie in my office when I come in. But I do understand that with the urging of the stay home, work safe program right now, that it’s best that everyone is staying home with their families, I guess. If that’s what it’s gonna take to get this Covid-19 under control.

But in the meantime, I also realized that loneliness is a big part of what people are encountering right now. And I didn’t realize that so much until the last three days when my husband happened to be away to visit a family member that he was called to, unfortunately. The family members is okay, it has nothing to do with Covid-19. It’s just a part of the aging process that we’re going through right now. But, I realized as I was sitting home these three evenings after I get back from the office, that those people who are alone in this and don’t have someone in the next three days, you know, coming to their house to visit and they are completely locked up and alone.

And the loneliness part of this has really hit home over the past few days. And again, the easy part is loving the no traffic. And finding that parking space. But, reality is this is hard on everybody and it’s become increasingly hard as the time grows because the more people do spend time alone, I can understand how, just with my three days how this could be really difficult for those who are, encountering the unknown, and that is: how many more days is this going to last?

Anyway, just wanted to share that. I’m sure other people are feeling the same, and I am very lucky that I do have someone that is coming home today, that I can spend the rest of my days with, while we’re together. But, realize the loneliness is important and reach out, phone call, text message, you know, whatever it takes. Facebook, what is it, FaceTime? I don’t have FaceTime on my phone, but FaceTime is important. Let these people know that you’re there and you love them and reach out to those that may be alone. It’s all I have to say, be well.