Call No. 1438

Wednesday, April 22, 2020 at 7:22:38 PM EDT

Being in isolation together with my family, a family of four, has been definitely an experience with ups and downs and high emotions. I want to talk only about the positive things. The positive things are, that this time capsule gave us a good outlook and opportunity to reflect what we do, what we have done so far, and how we usually live, and made us come to the conclusion that, when this all is over, we definitely want to change a few things.

I think that our lifestyle has to be more environmentally friendly. More healthy to the Earth and for the Earth. And it’s important that we act because I think that this crisis is the beginning of something that we will experience more and more, because we all know that the change of climate is coming rapidly and will affect us all.

It is a opportunity for us to really look at things that have to be changed. I hope that politically we will learn from this and I hope that the election will take place and the democracy will be strong and I hope that the leadership will also change in the USA. That’s very important because we can see with this crisis that the leadership is just not doing its job.

Last but not least, how is our life going to continue? We don’t know how will it continue. But, we are basically, our families thinking of leaving the big city and spending time in nature and living in the nature and doing something we have been talking about for a very long time.

So this was my version. Obviously I could talk for hours and I hope I was able to contribute something worth it to your podcast. Bye.

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