Call No. 1278

Monday, April 13, 2020 at 11:35:42 PM EDT

Hi. I’m calling from Seattle. I’m in my new basement office. I took over the guest room. It’s not bad. I’m working alot.

I have a pretty demanding job, and I’ve just been realizing that I really miss walking from meeting room to meeting room. and I miss you know, walking to the kitchen which is further away in the office. And sometimes I even have to walk to another building in my office. I miss having to stand to move. Honestly, I can stand. I am allowed to get up and move, but I just find myself working for a long time and not taking breaks because it’s just more work.

I have especially more work because of Covid actually, but yeah. I’m just not. There’s just no natural break It feels like the day starts with work and ends with work, and I don’t come up for air. And I know that I have an easier job by far than like, doctors and nurses and even those people who are delivering packages and working in a grocery store but. I don’t know I just… I need to learn to take a break and find some air between all of this. That’s it for me. Thanks.


Call No. 187

Tuesday, March 24, 2020 at 4:34:42 AM EDT

Hi, I am calling from Seattle, Washington. Around me and where I currently am, is my living room. I’ve got a nice, beautiful Persian carpet laid out, with a TV and then my couch. On top of the carpet is a yoga mat, and I told myself I’ll do ten push ups every hour. So far it’s been two hours and I’ve done twenty pushups today.

The feeling that I’ve been having overall is that this feels a little bit normal of my day to day life. But this morning I woke up and felt pretty dreary. Something that has been helping me is going out for walks once a day or going out for hikes to see trees, a mosque, and waterfalls. And something that I’m excited about is being able to hug people again, being able to go to work again and see my coworkers, and being able to feel excited about meeting new people. Yeah, thank you so much. Bye.