Call No. 294

Saturday, March 28, 2020 at 3:26:20 PM EDT

Yeah, so I’m down here in Southern California. And the beaches have all just been closed and I surf as like sort of my meditation and athletic practice. So when the Coronavirus situation happened and everything got shut down I started getting really upset and kind of depressed and listless and worried because you know… How does this thing, when does this all you know sort of subside and you know I don’t know that life will ever be “normal” after this.

Hopefully it will be, but when can people go outside again? As of now it’s hard to know when that might be so, anyhow. All the beaches and parks are closed. Can’t hike. Can’t really do anything which I guess is the whole point but… What I wanted to say was that this morning I got up and cleaned the house and did yoga and then I meditated, and then I journaled and watch the birds and my garden and now I’m just walking around cleaning up picking up little twigs and kind of understand the whole point of having a zen garden more than ever.

That’s today.